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Cool water gadget garden the 45cm Stainless Steel Sphere

I have found a cool gadget for gardens the 45cm Stainless Steel Sphere.

45cm Stainless Steel Sphere

As seen in many designer gardens, stainless steel spheres are stunning yet relaxing water features ideal in any garden, decking or paved area.

Water flows over and around the stainless steel sphere in this relaxing water feature. Four white LED lights light the water from the top creating a stunning effect at dusk and night.

45cm Stainless Steel Sphere Features:

  • Self contained water feature
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Child & Pet Safe
  • Low voltage (cheap & safe to run)
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Sump can be dug into the ground or placed in a pot / container
  • Lit by 4 white LED lights
  • Just the one plug for the pump and LED lights!

The 45cm Stainless Steel Sphere water gadget is expensive (£148.00) but it looks great. It is available at Ukwaterfeatures.

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  1. the ‘evaporative cooler’ or ‘swamp cooler’ as they are also known are very popular in dry climates like New Mexico, Arizona and West Texas. As long as the relative humidity is low, they work quite well. If you live in an area where the humidity is over 40 or 50% they just aren’t very practical as the water, running over the pads through which the air flows, just won’t evaporate fast enough to remove heat from the air.

  2. That sounds like a swell idea, I would really like to see a video of this in action. But as you say, £148 is a little too expensive. Still a nice ieda though.

  3. garden is must around our apartment or living accommodation.It play both roll beauty as well as rest place.

  4. As we have seen in many designer gardens, stainless steel sphere is stunning yet relaxing water features ideal in any garden, decking or paved area.

  5. it is glad to visit your post & getting information about stainless steel sphere. I think you are right,Stainless steel sphere plays an important role in gardens, homes for assorted water features,

  6. Can I make one of these at home?

  7. That is a very interesting looking garden piece for sure but the price is a little staggering. Once prices have dropped enough you’ll definitely see those in more than one garden.

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