Cordless Electric Knife with LED Lights

Electric knives are convenient in every way — except for the always in-your-way plug-in cord! That’s why we’re pleased to offer this cordless model — it runs on batteries. As you navigate the roasted bird, maneuver it at will — its dual serrated blades move easily and precisely through meats with virtually no effort on your part; just press a button.

The ergonomic handle is nothing like a standard knife’s — and it is beautifully designed for comfortable use by anyone. Two bright LED lights ensure you see exactly where you’re slicing. Measures 17″ long (blade is 7″ long) and weighs 2.3 oz. (without batteries). Runs on 6 AA batteries.

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  1. This is definitely something that I would use. I especially like the LED feature on this knife. What is the pricing on this?

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