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Cordskinz. A Simple and Effective Anti Tangle Gadget For Earbuds

he latest gadget I reviewed is called Cordskinz. You probably know that I like simple gadgets so the Cordskinz impressed me in a good way.

Cordskinz is an anti tangle device for earbuds. The earbuds are useful and cool for listening to music but they have the nasty habit of tangling. The Cordskinz was specially designed for us to get rid of the tangled earbuds.

Cordskinz Red

Image source cordskinz.com

See how this gadget works in the short (30 second video posted below)


The Cordskinz main features are:

  • earbuds anti-tangler device
  • cord protector
  • lightweight
  • and fashionable

Cordskinz review

The Cordskinz were really simple to review becacuse there is nothing complicated with this gadget. All I had to do was to attach the device on my earbuds. It took less than 25 seconds to do this so the device is really simple to use. After I attached the gadget, my earbuds did not tangled anymore. Removing the Cordskinz from the earbuds was also super simple and really fast (less than 10 seconds).

The design is simple and attractive: the earbuds look cool and trendy with the Cordskinz on.

In conclusion: a simple gadget which solve the earbuds’ tangling problem.

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