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CORSAIR Flash Pen Drives


Corsair Flash Voyager Flash Drives are fantastic group with stylish, stream lined and compact in design. They are ideally suited for transporting and importing digital images and videos etc. They are compatible with most operating systems as all are plug and play devices. Both are outstanding products, where Flash Voyager provides a durable USB drive in huge capacity, while Flash Voyager GT is designed for speed and accurate transfer rates of reads and writes.

Both models are shielded in the Corsair proprietary with rubber for shock resistant and water resistant as well. They allow users to carry more confidential data and applications easily. With all these properties they express their durability and reliability. Both are comfortably connected to any available USB ports and enables computer to detect the drive and configure without restarting.

They are available in 128MB, 256MB, 256MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB storage space. The rubber casings provide the drives virtually indestructible in anyway. So these models are easy to install and replaces floppies, zip drives and CD-RW discs.

Technical Features

  • Provides plug and play options in Windows Vista, XP, ME, Linux 2.4 and Mac OS 9.
  • Includes True Crypt security application which allows for a virtual encrypted drive using AES- 256 encryption (not included in 2GB models).
  • Lanyard USB cable.
  • Warranty period provided for ten years.
  • Flash Voyager GT provides fast data transfer by IC- paired memory and controllers.

Here both the voyagers are compared with their style and performance. But most of the properties are similar, except Flash Voyager GT’s IC- paired memory. They also vary in their capacity and both the models are available at reasonable price in the market.

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