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Cow Print Apron

Cow Print Apron

Cooking, life and love should all be entered into with gay abandon and little thought for the final outcome. Which is all very well, but it’s better when cooking to ensure your food stays in the pot or on the plate, and not all over your shirt. Whether you’re thrashing about over a steaming stove or blinking away the smoke by the BBQ, this cool Cow Print Apron will keep you spatter free. Modelled on this spring’s latest Fresian collection (come to think of it Fresians seem to wear the same outfit year in year out, but that’s countryside fashion for you), this vinyl easy-wipe Cow Print Apron will look great wherever you’re cooking up a storm. Just don’t wear it in a meadow full of frisky bullocks in case of unwanted bovine affection. Cows, you gotta love ’em.

You can have this for £8.95 – Approx USD $16.11 / €13.25

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  1. Very cheerfully! The most important when on your ranch will fry a barbecue in this cow print apron, it that you was seen by the bull. And that too will want to join you!..
    Only do not take offence!

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