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Cowon iAudio S9 8GB MP3 Player

Like you probably noticed if you know the gadgets club concept we try to present less known gadgets.

These days I have searched the Internet shops for interesting but now so super advertised Mp3 players and I have found one I like.  It is called Cowon iAudio S9 8GB MP3 Player.

Cowon iAudio S9 8GB MP3 Player

Cowon iAudio S9 8GB Features

  • Zoom UI. With this new totally touch screen user interface, Cowon have kept the depth of control possible with previous players, but made day-to-day operation simplicity itself. Your main functions are represented by a set of simple icons on the main screen and on entering any of these options, you’re presented with a simple list of track, or videos or photos. Text too small? Use the zoom bar and make it bigger. Not sure what a certain video file is? A looping thumbnail shows some footage from it, right there on the menu. And again, you can zoom in. The S9 features G sensor technology, so it knows which way up it’s being held. So, you can turn it on it’s side and scroll through a list of album covers, instead of a textual track list. Watching a movie, it doesn’t matter what way up you hold it, the S9 will re-format the file to display the right way up and as big as possible on the 3.3 inch – 480 x 272 pixel AMOLED screen.
  • Audio. The S9 uses Cowon’s new BBE+ audio architecture. This architecture is a range of sound processes that give incredible reproduction of good quality sources and can boost the quality of low-quality sources beyond comparison.
  • Video.  Well, traditionally, portable screens use LCD displays. These have a mask layer of pixels, which can change colour – filtering light from a backlight to create images. The technology is well-proven, but has some limitations. There is a lag time with the pixels changing, which can cause rapidly moving images to get slightly ‘muddy’. Also, their very design means they waste energy – they filter and cut down light output from a backlight. AMOLED works differently. It still uses individual pixels (480 x 272 in the S9) but the pixels themselves emit light and change much quicker than LCD. This means the screen is sharper, pixel for pixel, much brighter and movement is pin-sharp. Movies on the S9 are incredible – this is really the first pocket device we can wholeheartedly say we have no problem watching full length movies on. It’s bright and crisp, but not taxing on the eye as there is no ghosting or blur. The S9 can play Xvid SP/ASP and WMV9SP/MP files natively, and supports SMI subtitles. Playback time is an amazing 11 hours of continuous video!
  • TV Out Functionality. The S9 has the ability (with the separately available TV-Out cables) to display the contents on a full size TV.
  • bluetooth. The S9 supports full bluetooth A2DP and AVRCP functionality. This means you can connect the player to bluetooth devices like headphones without a plug-in dongle and even use any buttons the headphones have to control the player.
  • Picture Viewer. It accepts JPEG files and will resize any image for display – so you can bluetooth an image from your 8MP camera phone and the S9 will display in full 3.3 inch 16 million colour.
  • FM Radio
  • Document Reader. you can load text files and read them comfortably on the widescreen display – with the benefit of the Zoom UI if you need to make the text larger.
  • Flash Player. A flash player, allows you to download flash games and utilities from the internet and integrate them with your player.
  • Calculator

Cowon iAudio S9 8GB

Pricing and availability

Cowon iAudio S9 8GB MP3 Player cost £169.00 and it is available at Advancedmp3players.

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