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Craigslist Overview

We often post our resume when finding a job in a job database site like Craigslist. We do this for others to know how serious we are in finding a job. It is also the easiest way for employers to view our credentials if we fit for the offer and just wait for a call in the next few days after posting. The Craigs list resume bank is a category, which is visible for everyone who visits the site. Craigslist advises every resume owner to limit the contact information and details given to protect his or her privacy. It is also advisable to read Job-Hunt’s Cybersafe resume article for tips on protecting your privacy while doing your job search.

Craigslist site is free of online or Internet ads but it isn’t free of scams which is why the users should also beware. The staff do their best to minimize the scams posted as the visitors can flag those ads that they think are inappropriate or not in its proper category. To help its visitors in avoiding fraud ads, Craigslist provide a certain section called “avoiding scams and fraud” – which its users can read. Read more about Craigslist jobs here: Craigslist Jobs

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