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Creating a Better Business App and What Yours Might be Missing

Most people download new apps every week, and if you are not using them as part of your business plan, you could be missing out on some amazing tools. Your company should use productivity apps and social networking ideas to get a head start in advertising and marketing. If you want to connect with people in a positive and useful way, make sure your business app does more than just sell a product, be creative, and find out ways to make it more useful for your customers and your business.


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Collaborate with Your Design Team

Work closely with your design team as you get started creating your app. You should learn several things about each platform since they all have subtle differences that can affect the usability. You should make sure your graphic designer understands the importance of a clean layout and easy to use interface. Your team should know how to create a layout for a mobile platform as well since your app will look different on each platform.

Concentrate on Functionality

Your personal preference should not influence the functionality. You may prefer the IOS operating system, but you should make sure the app can run on other platforms. Each platform has limitations and strengths. Compare them, but do not get hung up on certain limitations. Companies that sell Iphone 6 phones and get cash for phones say platforms and systems usually aren’t a huge reason for selling anyway. You should build a functional app that will benefit all the end users no matter what they use.

Use the App on Several Platforms

Test your app on several platforms. If you do not run several tests, you might not notice a software glitch in the beta stage. The fonts might be too large for example. If something does not work properly, the app might freeze and crash after you put it out. When you test the app several times, you can identify a problem immediately.

Compare the App

Compare the app to similar types and businesses already on the market. You should make sure yours is unique. The app can be similar to others, but should not be an exact copy. Your end users want to use a unique product and it should resolve an important problem or make something easier to do. If your app is a productivity app, it should have several timers and a calendar. Your design team can give you valuable feedback at this stage. When you release the app, you can analyze the data as well. The data will let you know what needs to be improved.

When your app makes a profit your business makes a profit. Make sure you focus on functionality and design as you create your own business app. Your design team and consumers will be able to tell you when things need to be fixed and you yourself can adapt and change with the market as things progress.

By Eileen O’Shanassy

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