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CyberTool 41 – An essential geek tool

Made by Victorinox, this ultra-sleek, hella-nifty pocket knife is the perfect tool for all the right reasons. How many knives out there have a DIP switch setter AND come with torx bits?

This is a great tool for making computer repairs. It includes 4 double-head hex bits, as well as various sizes of Phillips and regular slotted screwdrivers. A total of 41 different functions in a single tool – amazing!

CyberTool 41

The CyberTool 41 has these great features.

  • 41 different functions including 4 double-head hex bits for servicing computers
  • Torx bits, Pozidrive, DIP switch setter and much more
  • Available in choice of 3 different translucent colors
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2" long, 1 1/4" deep, 3/4" high
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Available at ThinkGeek.com for $69.99

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  1. I have something similar to this but its more for the home remodeling field. Its called the “Leathermen”, doesn’t have all the smaller gadgets just the essentials for the home improvement field.

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