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Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution

Join the Dance Dance Revolution today!

One of the hottest video games in the arcade is dancing games, where players stand on a platform and dance their way through the game to music while following a pattern. It’s like a conventional video game, except that instead of a controller and your hands, you use a platform and your feet!

Now you can join the revolution and get in on the game in the comfort of your own home with the incredibly easy to set up and fun to play Dance Dance Revolution video game!

Two great games to choose from

There are two fantastic Dance Revolution games for you to choose from:

* TV Dance Pad: With no video game system or console needed, you just plug TV Dance Pad into your TV and you’re ready to go! Choose from 50 popular songs and see if you can keep up and follow the pattern. A great way to have fun and get in shape too

* Double Dance: Dance solo or challenge a friend on this extra large dance pad that plugs directly into your television. With 8 songs and 16 different games to select from, the Double Dance pad is perfect for having fun, getting in shape and finding out once and for all who is the better dancer among your friends!

Easy to set up, fun to play

Ever since it was first introduced into arcades in the late 1990s, dancing video games have become incredibly popular and fun to play. Now, you can play, dance and get your groove on to your favorite songs and the most challenging games around when you order your Dance Dance Revolution game today!

No console required

Both the TV Dance Pad game and the Double Dance game come with audio and video cables that you plug directly into your TV. There are no wires or consoles to purchase – all you need to do is plug and play!

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