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Digital Photoframe Keyring

Digital Photoframe Keyring

Key chains and bag chains have become the must-have fashion accessories for the jet set and propeller set alike. Weird dolls and bizarre Japanese characters are all very well, but you can’t exactly engage with them much, which is where this dinky mini Digital Photo-frame key ring steps in. With 8MB of internal memory and Luddite-friendly software, this neat piece of electronic chic will hold and display up to 31 of your favourite photos. Camera phones, apart from being about as useful as wings on a chicken, will only display the terrible pictures you managed to take on the phone itself, and not your masterpieces from home and hols that you shot with a real camera.

The Digital Photo Frame Keyring has a very good quality screen, and you can choose from manual shuffle or automatic slide show to show-off your snaps at the click of a button wherever you are. The internal battery will charge from any USB port, so simply plug it in when you’re at your desk for a juice up. Transferring them to and from your key-ring is simple whether in a PC or Mac. Now you’ll always have snaps of your hols, your partner, your pet or your kid to hand, without having to drag your camera about with you

You can have this for £44.95 – Approx USD $80.91 / €66.53

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  1. Wow, I can’t believe they got a full colour LCD screen into a keyring. I wonder how long the battery lasts for.

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