Do Our Gadgets Really Threaten Planes?

If you took the plane recently, or any time in the next 10 years, you have probably been warned how you should have to turn off your mobile devices. The reason they want us to do so-the plane will crash? Well, personally, I think how there is no way that my phone will take down a plane just by being turned ON. On the other hand I do turn off the phone every time I enter the plane. Why? I don’t want to take a risk (there is always a risk) and I don’t need a phone in the plane, in the first place. Now, you may say that I am acting cowardly, and you’re right.


To be or not to be?

But, is the mobile phone really that dangerous for the planes? Was the personal of the American Airlines right when they decided to expel Alec Baldwin from the plane because he didn’t want to stop playing games on his phone?

A Recent research by NY Times says that more than 40% of passengers do not turn off their devices, which is more than enough to take the plane down if the mobile phones are that dangerous for the on-board instruments.

Furthermore, around 2% of the passengers say that they even leave their Wi-Fi ON. Now, if you do believe that the phones are dangerous for the planes, this must be disturbing for you.

On the other hands if you fly quite often (and now you know that so many people leave their phones on) you should have already crashed with all these mobiles around you.

So, what is all that fuss about?

If phones are not dangerous why that regulation is still active? And, do we know who and why imposed this regulation? The entire turn-your-phones-off talk started back in 1991 when some glitches were reported in the cockpit. The glitches are believed to be connected with the usage of mobile phones inside the cockpit.

This is not proved to be accurate but nobody could prove that it wasn’t the truth which led to this regulation. Hundreds of billions of air miles later, the regulation is still here. The fear of falling down from the sky in the metal bird is something that keeps this regulation on.

Not many people know about the fact that pilots are now allowed to have their flight maps on iPads! I am not so sure that all of these tablets are turned off during the takeoff. But who am I to talk about electromagnetic waves and such things? I do know that my mobile phone will make the speakers go crazy (when having incoming call) if I place it next to these devices. Also, if you used those outdated monitors you know that cellular device will create interference in case of an incoming call.


Nobody wants to make a decision that will lead to the potential death of hundreds of passengers. Our gadgets do travel with us inside the plane and we keep them turned on, but if you think about it…is it really a necessity to have a gadget in your hand during the takeoff? Sure, it can be a bit boring on the longer trips but the truth is you are only asked to turn off the gadgets during the landing and takeoff.

Those 5 minutes are the most interesting parts of the voyage (especially takeoff) so using your mobile phone during those moments is a little bit unnecessary, don’t you think? Enjoy the scenery and stay safe. If the authorities lift the ban on gadgets during the landing and takeoff I will still turn off my phone because I really don’t need it that much, and sometimes I like to stay off-line.

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