Do you like Nexus One the Google Phone?

Google just launched it’s phone called Nexus One.

Nexus One the Google Phone1

Nexus One was made by HTC and it was presented like a super-phone.

Nexus One main features:

  • 3.7-inch (diagonal) widescreen WVGA AMOLED touchscreen Display, 800 x 480 pixels, 100,000:1 typical contrast ratio
  • 5 megapixels Camera & Flash, Autofocus from 6cm to infinity, 2X digital zoom, User can include location of photos from phone’s AGPS receiver
  • Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz Processor
  • Android Mobile Technology Platform 2.1 (Eclair) Operating system
  • Talk time: Up to 10 hours on 2G, Up to 7 hours on 3G
  • Standby time : Up to 290 hours on 2G, Up to 250 hours on 3G
  • Internet use: Up to 5 hours on 3G, Up to 6.5 hours on Wi-Fi
  • Video playback: Up to 7 hours
  • Audio playback: Up to 20 hours
  • Weight 130 grams with battery

I din’t had the chance to play with Nexus One but the features list is impressive. 10 hour talk time and  up to 290 hours on 2G is great. I’ve allays wanted a phone with a huge battery life and the problem with the smartphones was the battery was going down fast if you were using the phone for music, video and other applications.

Do you like Nexus One the Google Phone?

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  1. Nice post, it’s the obsession, and it’s got t-mobile 3g bands only. It is unlocked but only has a radio that supports t-mobile 3g bands. The passion does have a snapdragon chipset. 3.7″ screen too. 2.1 SenseUI

    Best Regards,

  2. i love the features, i love the design but i cannot get the phone because it’s not available in my country 🙁

  3. Could this be the phone that challenges and surpases Apples popular and mighty iphone?

    Well if Googles past history at ‘everything they touch turns to gold’ you wouldn’t bet against it!

  4. Web Development Company

    It’s a nice Google phone. I like it’s features. Is it available in market now and how much will be it’s price?

  5. The Nexus One is a stunning phone feature my opinion it wont be succesfull in the long run.Why would people buy this when the can purchase an iPhone for 100 bucks?Its all about brand recognition!

  6. Randy Souvannakhiry

    The Nexus is a awsoume phone especially considering the size of the touch screen.I think it wont be succesfull in the long run though.Why would people buy this when the can buy an iPhone for 100 bucks?Its all about brand recognition!

  7. I’m waiting to see the prices for these when they come to the UK, hopefully soon!

    I must admit that i’m getting a little bit tired of every phone being touchscreen, can’t stand the fingerprints lol

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