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Do you need a new website?

Do you need a new website for your business?

How can you know if your website is good?

You must start with some simple things:

  • Does your site accomplish its goals? Do you profit from eBusiness. For example if you want to see 5 products per day have the site reached this target? If yes can you improve it to sell more than 5 products per day? If the site doesn’t reach the sales target what you must ask yourself why.
  • Web design. What is considered a good designed site? In my opinion a good designed site must build trust between you and clients (visitors). Your site must: load fast, if it is slow you will lose the visitors with little patience (and they are the majority), look good, the site mustn’t say “I’m cheap” or “You can’t trust me”, be easy to navigate, the golden rule is a to get to a certain page from home in maximum 3 clicks.
  • Internet Marketing. Is the website correctly promoted? Is it easy to find? If someone interested buying you products searches the internet will find your site fast? A good site is easy to find: it appears on first page in search engines, if you can’t appear on first page you must consider buying PPC ads. And now with the web 2.0 your site must be presented in social media site as well.

So what can you do if your site isn’t as good as you would like to be? You can learn to do it yourself or you can hire a good Web Design Company.

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