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Dodocool Organizer System Travel Case for iPhone, iPod, Digital Gadgets and Electronics Review

When I was traveling I had a problem: I placed the gadgets I needed like the phone charger, mobile internet, MP3 player and so on in my backpack. Whenever I wanted something on the road it was like a fishing tip: I had to search for the gadget in the backpack and because the gadgets are quite small when traveling they moved a lot and finding them took a lot of time.

Sometimes finding the gadget I wanted in the backpack was really frustrating, but now the problem is solved with the use of a smart travel case which uses an organizer system.


The Dodocool organizer is a travel case which uses randomly placed elastic straps to keep your gadgets secure, and easy to find while traveling.




Dodocool organizer features:

  • it uses a variety of elastic straps to hold all small electronics in one place
  • compact design. It was made to fit almost every bag, backpack or MacBook case
  • all gadgets are in one place and easy accessible even in tight spaces like airplanes

Dodocool Organizer System Travel Case for iPhone, iPod, Digital Gadgets and Electronics Review

Dodocool organizer has an interesting design and it looks good. It is compact and fitted my backpack easily.

It is useful to keep all the gadgets in one place and also your devices are easily accessible and the elastic straps holds them well during traveling.

To use the organizer is really simple just secure your gadgets using the elastic straps, put it in your bag and you are done. Nothing complicated.

In conclusion: this organizer was created for a more organized digital lifestyle. All you have to do is to secure the gadgets and get the organizer with you. Your gadgets won’t move around and they will be easy to find when needed.

Pricing and availability

The Dodocool Organizer System Travel Case is not an expensive item. It’s price tag is $19.99 and it can be purchased from Tomtop.com.

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