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Drive upside down and on walls with Zero Gravity Micro RC Car

Zero Gravity Micro RC Car allows you to drive how you like it. You can drive it upside down or even on walls.


With the up Zero Gravity Micro RC Car you can turn every room in your house including walls into a racing track.

Zero Gravity Micro RC Car Features

  • Fun, fast miniature racer
  • Drive upside down and on walls
  • Great fun for all ages
  • Drive solo or race against friends
  • User friendly controller

Thanks to its down-force clinging technology this mini RC car races up walls and ceilings in some unbelievably gravity-defying acrobatics. The fully operational headlights flash when your battery is low and you can connect the RC car to the controller to recharge.


As for the controls, they’re easy to grasp so you can begin racking up some mileage all over the walls and ceilings as soon as your brand-spanking new RC racing car arrives.

Zero Gravity Micro RC Car price tag is £29.95 and it is available at Gizoo.

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