Droid Phones – Care for an Ice cream Sandwich?

If you have set your sights on droid phones then you can be sure they will come with stellar apps and OS. The latest OS in Android’s bag of tricks is the new Android 4.0 or Ice cream Sandwich as it is more commonly known. The new OS brings forth veryhting that is great about droid phones like resizable widgets, customizable apps and a level of interaction that is unparalleled. Some of the many perks that Android 4.0 users can enjoy are as follows –

Resizable Widgets

The Android 4.0 comes with home screens that are rich in content and are customizable. Adding shortcuts isn’t the only thing that you can enjoy. The OS also allows users to embed live application content via interactive widgets. This means that you can check your mail, enjoy some music, flip through dates and cruise through social streams without having to leave the home screen. Not only that, the OS also allows users to modify the size of the widgets as well.

The Swipe Feature

Who though that getting rid of unnecessary notifications would be this easy? The Android 4.0 lets you manage notifications, browser tabs and Recent Apps list with nothing but a swipe of your finger.

Voice Input

The voice input system in Android 4.0 offers an open microphone feature that also includes streaming voice recognition. Perhaps the best thing about the feature is that it lets you dictate text in any language and for as long as you want. If that wasn’t enough the app also lets you punctuate your sentences to make them grammatically correct.  Potential dictation errors are underlined in grey. Tapping on them will give you a list of alternative words to choose from.

Control your Network Data

The new OS is a godsend for users with tiered or metered data plans since it offers new controls for managing data usage. Ice cream Sandwich also lets you control the amount of data usage on each network like mobile and Wi-Fi. It also lets you control the data that is used by running applications. This means that you can set warning limits on data usage. The background data that is used by different applications can also be used when you need it.

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  1. I love the idea of being able to dictate text using the new android 4 system. I’ve just gone and bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking, so I guess that will already get less use!!

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