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DX1 Gaming Input Device

iconThe DX1 Gaming Keyboard from Ergodex® is ideal for PC gaming or workplace productivity. It features 25 movable, programmable keys that can be placed anywhere on the DX1’s pad, and has no wires and no batteries thereby enhancing comfort and performance. The keys are programmed, either on-the-fly (in-game or application) or using Ergodex® Manager, to do any task or series of tasks in the PC. These keys are placed on the DX1’s pad to fit your hand, and re-positioned anytime keeping your hands fresh and responsive through lengthy game or work sessions. This keyboard features removable key tray for insertion of skins and templates. The inexhaustible, re-usable adhesive on key bottoms allows fine tuning of key positions on pad. With this keyboard, you can do several tasks, such as resize a picture, apply a stroke, optimize for the Web and more.

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