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E-cigarette healthier or not

E-cigarette were developed as a clean alternative to smoking.


E-cigarette looks and acts like a cigarette.

E-cigarettes are marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking, since most of the harmful material produced by the combustion of tobacco in traditional cigarettes is not present in the atomised liquid of e-cigarettes. (wikipedia)

The advantages of e-cigarettes told by manufacturers. You will get my analyze below.

  • Fashion & healthy smoking, Give smoker the same feeling as traditional cigarette do, moreover, Satisfy smoker’s addiction
  • Helpful for quitting smoking without suffering.
  • Long life time, continuous use by charging the battery and replacing the cartridge
  • No combustion, No tar, CO and other carcinogenic materials generated by tobacco cigarette, and No potential danger causing fire
  • Can be used in most of non-smoking place, for no damage of passive smoking
  • Convenient, No need to light, start to smoke once take it out
  • Clearn, No cigarette smell, No stained teeth

“Healthy smoking”? This is a joke there is no such thing as healthy smoking becaus you will still inhale the nicotine!

“Helpful for quitting smoking without suffering” – That is false. I have quit smoking after 7 years and I know that you must give up cigarettes entirely not gradually if you want to become free of cigarettes and nicotine.

“No combustion, No tar, CO and other carcinogenic materials generated by tobacco cigarette, and No potential danger causing fire” – That seems ok. Probably e-cigarettes are healthier that classic ones.

Clearn, No cigarette smell, No stained teeth – that is very good one of the reasons I quit smoking was the smell of my mouth.


E-cigarettes are not healthy because you will still be addicted to nicotine, but have certain advantages over classic cigarettes like: less toxic, no smell, no bad mouth smell, no damage of passive smoking, you can use them in non-smoking places,you don’t need to light it or to extinguish it.

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  1. I agree… when I was younger me and my brother got my grandparents to quit smoking by stealing and hiding their cigarettes on every visit. It got them thinking…

  2. indeed, the electronic cigarette is a better ideal substitute for cigarettes,in http://www.BestEcig.com ,they e-cigartte is only $29 and add the shipping cost $20, it only take the $49 for them

  3. I have recently bought an e cigarette in USA , called the Njoy Npro. I have used it in my local pub and 2 restuarants recently, and was asked by interested people where to get it from in the UK.
    I was told today afte I called Njoy in the USA that their range is now available in the Uk and Ireland and is aavailable at http://www.njoyuk.co.uk , at least I can stop paying shipping cost from USA.

  4. nina1025@hotmail.com

    one of my friends brought a start kit from Njoy’s promosions earlier this month. he said the good thing is he dont have to go outside of the building for a 5 min smoke any more.lol. i am going to get one as my father-in-low’s christamas gift

  5. I’ve been tobacco-free for four months with my “e-cig” vaporizer after 30 years of smoking. Newsflash: while nicotine is horribly addictive it is not horribly dangerous. After all, when in the form of gum or patch it is ACTUALLY a “powerful medicine”! And medicines are good! This is a great alternative for smokers, without danger of fire, without smoke, without bad smells.

  6. TobaccoFree – You are naive and will most likely be dead from your healthy medicine in a few years. Fact.

  7. Well, I for one don’t mind being addicted to nicotine. That’s my problem, and, now that e-cigarettes exist, nobody else’s. I can now get my nicotine fix in a way that does far less harm to my body, and no harm whatsoever to anyone else’s.

    So where’s the problem?

  8. To all smokers out there I’d just like to say: Try ecigarettes and get rid of your dirty habit, I did it and I was able to stop smoking.

  9. Im starting to try the e cigarette. I only would feel better if the FDA would make a determination on its dangers, if any. I hope to save money by using the e cigarette

  10. the only thing that concerns me is the alkaline vapor that is emitted or (Inhaled)! Don’t they make batteries with alkaline? Any ideas on this thought provoking thought?

  11. I bought me some e cigarretes and im very dissapointed.It doesnt taste like normal ciggies at all.I take 3 pulls and then it over heats and shut down.I was a lauging matter today at work.I use the med tobacco and i dont taste any nicotine while smoking it.I still crave normal ciggarets.I think this e cigarettes is a waste of money.Its cheap stuff sold for to much.Its the second day now and the e cigarettes are giving me trouble for Africa.Im so frustrated.

  12. 2 drops right on the atom thing cowboy classic preety close to a real marlbro lite im on day 3 no cigs

  13. e-cigs are the greatest invention ever! your article was very good.

  14. OK look e-cigarettes are not designed to help you to quit smoking. They just offer you a healthier alternative because while nicotine is addictive it is no more harmful than caffine.

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  16. For anybody who has smoked their whole lifetime, like me, I am sure that you would love to stop, just like I would. Nonetheless, for years individuals(most of them non-smokers I’m positive) kept assuring us how effortless it was. Unfortunately virtually all of them never had the genuine experience to understand that it wasn’t really that simple. Now, however, advances in cessation technology have shown new choices that do seem to help in the process. Many are noticing smokeless cigarette products to be a outstanding way of transitioning between being a smoker and being a non smoker. My advice to you, based on my own individualized experience is to take the time to make the determination which is appropriate for you. It is better to take more time and succeed once than to hurry into something and fail multiple times. The net is chock-full with wonderful informative resources(like this blog) to serve you along the way, take advantage of it.

  17. Rosalind Petrakis

    Aeros Smokeless Cigarettes are new area vapor cigarettes. No batteries, no haze, operation anywhere with well supplied satisfaction. Half the consequence of electronic.

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