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E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes Review

I juts receive some new products for a review: E-Lites electronic cigarettes.


About E-Lites

E-Lites do contain nicotine but they do not contain any Tar, Tobacco, Carbon Monoxide or unnecessary additional chemicals such as Arsenic, Ammonia, Hydrogen Cyanide or Benzine found in a filtered tobacco cigarette. Switching to E-lites E-Cigarettes can save the average smoker up to 75% compared to tobacco cigarettes, making them a healthier smoking alternative.

E-Lites review

Thou I am not a smoker I was curious about how electronic cigarettes work. So I have used the product to see what is the sensation of smoking electronically.

The product is super easy to use. All you have to do is to assemble the cigar which takes 30 seconds. Once you have the electronic cigar ready you can smoke it. It is an interesting sensation to have zero fire but to got real smoke. This is kind of cool.

The smoke resemble more with the one produced by a nargileh (hookah) and has a district flavor. If you are an avid smoker it will take you a while to get used to it because is is the same situation like charging you cigars brand.

The main advantage of E-Lites is: you smoke this cigars as you would a normal cigarette, but feel safe in the knowledge that it contains no tobacco, no tar and no harmful chemicals. The electronic cigar give you real smoking satisfaction but without the harmful or anti-social side effects of a traditional cigarette.

Another advantage is that you can smoke indoors because the  cigar contains no tobacco so you are entirely avoiding ALL smoking restrictions.


E-Lites have an interesting flavor and your are allow to smoke them in the places where you aren’t normally allowed to smoke. A heavy smoker will have to get used with the flavor – this is similar to changing the cigars brand.

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  2. please any one can tell me that is it better than normal cigarette or not?

  3. Hi Ivory, yes i have smoked these in the past, helped me get off cigs, they are excellent. It’s especially good when you can sit and smoke them indoors when everyone else has to go out for a smoke!!

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