Eco Cups

In the UK alone people throw away over 500 million disposable coffee cups each year. The solution to go green and protect nature is to use eco cups instead of disposable ones.

I have found 2 cups which are eco friendly. The first is called Eco Cup.

Eco Cup

The eco cup look like any ordinary coffee cups but it is in fact a single walled porcelain cup that keep beverages hot for longer. It uses a silicone lid which helps keeping heat in whilst and also ensure you can enjoy your hot beverage on the go without spillage issues.

Eco Cup features:

  • Single walled porcelain cup with silicone lid
  • Silicone sleeve for holding cup when contents are hot
  • 6 inches tall, 3.5 inch diameter
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • From the makers of ‘I Am Not A Paper Cup’

The second eco cup is called Keep Cup Reusable Coffee Cup.

Keep Cup Reusable Coffee Cup

The Keep Cup is a brilliant reusable coffee cup designed to look just like the ordinary disposable ones that you’d be given in one of the various coffee chains. This cup has a sealable lid, and plug for the ‘sipper hole’.

Keep Cup Reusable Coffee Cup features:

  • Reusable coffee cup
  • Made from polypropylene #5, the safest food grade plastic, BPA free, and non-toxic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Sealable lid and plug for sipper hole
  • Fits in car cup holders
  • Keeps coffee hot 20-30 minutes longer than disposable cups
  • Silicon band makes holding the Keep Cup comfortable even when hot.
  • Keep Cups fit under the group head of most espresso machines
  • Keep Cup holds 12oz/340ml – The same as a ‘Tall’ sized drink at Starbucks

Both the Eco Cup and Keep Cup Reusable Coffee Cup can be bought from

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  1. I believe it is the coffee sellers outlet (such as the vending machine) themselves should provide the eco cup. I hope they do.

  2. I love these cups! We sometimes drive all night long or from the wee early hours of the morning for hours on end until we reach our destination and one can drink a LOT of coffee in that time. We like to use reusable cups/mugs when we can and find that some places to purchase coffee will allow you pay for a cup and use your own (as long as the price is fair and you aren’t paying for a small coffee and using an extra-large cup).

  3. In the comments Peggy noted that her coffee shop trips are often unplanned and thus she doesnt always take a reusable coffee cup. Because of this I kept a few dishes in the car camp pot coffee mugs water bottles etc…While you may not need a pot or plates you can grab an old box or an extra reusable bag and fill it with a few essential cups depending on your family size.

  4. Always good to reuse! I had a boss who reused his coffee cup all the time, AND he refused to wash it out. Apparently his coffee “tasted better”… who knows. 🙂

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