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Emerging Fire Protection Technologies

There’s nothing more important than making sure you and your property are safe and secure, both at home and in the office. Technology related to fire protection has changed a lot over the years, but this is still the basic principle behind it – make sure everyone is out of the harm’s way and then deal with the fire itself.

Lately, security gadgets have gone one step further and become quite sophisticated for preventing and quickly extinguishing fires. Most importantly, the process of evacuation has also become faster, more orderly and more manageable.

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Water mist

This innovative fire protection system is based on higher flux density and the use of smaller droplet size to reduce flame more efficiently. Smaller droplets are used to cool not just a fire, but the surrounding gases as well. The system is activated immediately and it’s in a way more effective than water because it doesn’t damage the property by soaking it. It’s important to choose the right pressure of water mist dispensers because it determines the water consumption and how quickly the fire is extinguished.

Fast response sprinklers

Standard sprinklers have been used for a while now and they are effective for the most part. However, this system isn’t without downsides – for instance, pipes can burst and cause serious damage while changing the setup is difficult and requires a lot of plumbing to be done. Fast response sprinklers do more than just control the fire – due to the high pressure, these sprinklers are more than able to put out the fire completely. The key is in the size of water droplets used as well as in the speed at which they are dispersed.

Warning system

A sophisticated fire alarm designed to alert the occupants and the proper authorities is as important as gadgets designed to actually extinguish the flame. A good emergency warning system should consist of a number of so-called call points. That way, the sensor can detect exactly where the fire has originated and alert those inside ensuring orderly and calm evacuation. Wireless warning systems are especially useful because they are not affected by the fire and the communication between all the parts of the system happens instantaneously.

Video smoke detection

Video smoke detection uses video images from security cameras to detect smoke and automatically alert the authorities. Fire detectors based on heat levels are notoriously bad because it takes them too much time to react and they don’t work well in rooms with a lot of doors. However, smoke detectors are not reliable in storage facilities with high ceilings or too much traffic (where they can go off without a reason). Video smoke detection, nevertheless, provides an early warning because it uses the changes in brightness to detect fire sources.

Personalized alarm messages

Running from a burning building is a traumatizing experience. Ordinary smoke alarms tend to add to the confusion, which causes even more problems. Pre-recorded fire alarm messages can be calming and convey the necessary information in a manner that actually helps everyone get out on time. Also, these messages could be customized for different parts of the building. That way, everyone gets precise directions on how to get to the nearest safe spot. The speakers are also upgraded – so-called exit point notification enables the occupants to clearly understand where the sound is coming from (and therefore where to go) even in all the confusion.

Fires are going to happen regardless of the amount of care and effort we put in preventing them. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in proper protection technology and not take any chances.

By Diana Smith


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