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Not so long ago, most people had no idea about what the USB port was, and what it did. Not so long ago, we hadn’t even heard of iPods, and to Google something sounded vaguely dirty. But now we can’t live without the USB, or Universal Serial Bus and all the wonderful things it can do for us. Fortunately, in the mid 1990’s, hardware developers opted to make the majority of their devices with a capacity for universal connection, meaning you can plug your USB device into pretty much all computers, tablet devices and an increasing number of smart phones. The only real distinction between ports on different computers is when you need to charge a laptop, since annoyingly your Sony Vaio charger won’t charge your friends MacBook Pro. A wide variety of devices can be plugged into a USB port and be powered by the computers power source. Most of the time it’s a standard USB stick for storage or Internet, but there are some far more interesting USB accessories for your computer out there…

The USB Vacuum Cleaner

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The USB Shirt

Perhaps you work in a hot climate and literally sweat over your computer. Don’t worry- some USB help is at hand with the USB Fan Shirt. There’s a small fan built into the back of the shirt, and you simply connect it to your USB port with the cable provided. A cool breeze blows along your spine, giving you private, computerized air conditioning.

The USB Vacuum Cleaner

There are a surprising different number of USB powered vacuum cleaners on the market, and some of them are rather powerful, with the potential to clean your whole home, rather than just suck up crumbs from your keyboard and desk. Perhaps they’re designed for people who can’t stand to be away from Facebook for more than a few seconds, and can carry their laptop with them while they vacuum.

The USB Clean Air Ashtray

Perhaps you’re a writer who needs copious amounts of black coffee and cigarettes while you work. If so, then the USB Clean Air Ashtray is for you. If you rest your still burning cigarette on the ashtray in between puffs, then a small filter sucks up the smoke and spits out purified air. Or you could just open a window.

The USB Aromatherapy Stick

This looks like a standard USB storage stick, yet the only thing it stores is aromatic oil. Just put a couple of drops into the hole, plug it into your USB port and the stick is gently warmed, releasing the scented oils into the air. Don’t go overboard with this one; it can be so relaxing that you’ll fall asleep at your desk.


The USB Shaver

There are quite a few different USB electric shavers to choose from, and most of them are designed for when you’re on the road (luggage giant Samsonite make an excellent model). These can also be great for when you’re late to a meeting. Simply turn on your computers inner camera, plug in your USB shaver, and you’ve got a razor and mirror!


Guest post by contributing author, Linda Michelle. Linda’s an avid researcher always on the look for new and interesting fields to explore. She currently works together with Art of Shaving, a huge shaving-oriented site with various relating products, such as shaving kits, after shave balm, razors and also feature a wide array of useful hints and tips both for traditional and modern shaving.

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