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Eyeclops TV Micro-Camera

Eyeclops TV Micro-Camera

When we were kids, well we still are, but when we were considerably shorter, microscopes were shoddy little plastic affairs. You peered through a tiny dusty hole to see a blurred outline of something you’d spent ages trying to slip into the right place. What we needed of course was Eyeclops, the TV Micro Camera that turns the nano into the massive, the quantum into the huge, the… you get the point.

Requiring no software, you just plug Eyeclops into your TV, point it at something (up close) and WHOAH! That something just got magnified 200 times up onto your TV screen!

Making everyday items look extraordinary it’s a blast just checking things out. A moth’s wing, a hair on your arm, the filament of a feather, all of them become so much more fascinating when viewed up close and personal. It’s blisteringly simple to use, and comes with a clutch of accessories for viewing liquids, a dish for containing ants (or whatever) and a stand for hands free operation.

See the world as you’ve never seen it before with this bionic eye that shows you just how much weird little stuff there is flying about out there. It’s a gripping eye-opener

You can have this for £39.99

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