Facebook has launched a new Instagram-like mobile camera app via Apple's iTunes store

When Facebook bought Instagram, a photo sharing start up at a whopping $1 billion, market analysts and software lovers across the globe anticipated an “Instagram- like app” on its way. However, the recent launch of the application “Facebook Camera” for iphones and Androids, available as a free app through the Apple store put a stop to the speculations that it was a remodeled version of Instagram.

It appears now that the Facebook software developers were ready with the software even before the acquisition. Although the app can be touted as an “Instagram clone”, Facebook officials snubbed the idea on its launch. The app takes uploading multiple photos, editing and sharing them to a new level. The platform works between Facebook and Androids or iphones and makes exchanging photos a fun activity. You can directly take pictures or upload stored pictures from your iphone to your Facebook account and share them with friends.

Not only that, the exciting part here is the photos can be easily edited with the photo editing tools to grant them a retro look, once done these multiple photos can be uploaded to Facebook in a jiffy which really is a great leap from being able to upload one picture at a time! The added advantage here is that the app even has a “news feed” just like facebook and the sharing of photos automatically is between friends and friends of friends which can however be altered by modifying the audience according to one’s preference.

Users can even tag their photos and view photos where they have been tagged too by tapping the “Me” tab on their iphones. Features like the “like” or “comments” as available on Facebook have been incorporated as well. The whole process is user friendly and even a first timer can enjoy uploading pictures with ease by conveniently locating the pictures he would want to upload to the Facebook profile on the filmstrip like row of photos seen at the top of his iphone, marking single or multiple images, tapping them so as to expand them, adding comments or tags to them and finally uploading them.

Prior to uploading them one can even edit them by tapping them to open the “Edit Tools” window to either crop them or use the “wand like tool” to add special effects to enhance them by way of adding filters that magically transform the images from copper to neon to sepia or black and white. Although not everyone is really excited with the app which is being fiercely criticized as faring lower than its predecessor “Instagram”; the filters that give a completely new avatar to the pictures are inviting great reviews, besides, of course the ease of use of the app. However, for now it is one app that is the talk of the town and a thorough entertainer for the iphone users till something more adventurous enters the arena!

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  1. It is an Excellent Application. Now I can easily upload and edit the photos on Facebook.

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