Family Fortunes Sound Fx Key Chain

Family Fortunes Sound Fx Key Chain

There once was a time when television panel shows and game shows were of an altogether more intellectual ilk. Take Ask The Family, for instance, competition in which almost certainly required every member of the family to wear a set of NHS spectacles with incredibly thick lenses.

Then came the dawn of the 1980s and a new kind of game show for a new kind of family – intellectually underpowered families who liked nothing more than humiliation on national television. Family Fortunes was riveting stuff, and sometimes for nothing more than its legendary computer brain, Mr Babbage.

Babbage, as we now know, was nothing more than a big screen, a bloke and a few buttons, but back then it was Big Science as well as Big Money. And it was the sound effects – the perky doorbell ‘ping’ on a correct answer and, particularly, the decibel shattering EHHH ERRR on a wrong answer – that so caught the public (and playground) mood.

Now the authentic EHHH ERRR fx can be yours to own, cherish and fire-off on demand, courtesy of Gadgetshop and this keyring-sized audio module (complete with keyring attachment). It will strike fear into the heart of every single grandmother, for only they know the menace of its true meaning – play passes to the other side, taking all your winnings with it.

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