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Fantom GreenDrive II he 1TB eco HDD

Fantom GreenDrive II – 1TB USB 2.0 & eSATA External Hard Drive uses a innovation which reduces power consumption up to 40% .

Fantom GreenDrive II 1TB USB 2.0

GreenDrive II is Fantom Drives answer to energy reduction and environmental responsibility by utilizing up to 40% less power without sacrificing performance.

The GreenDrive II employs variable speed disk mechanisms that increase their rotational velocity in response to host demand, resulting in virtually no performance degradation vs. a 7200RPM disk.

GreenDrive II Features

  • Reduce power consumption up to 40%
  • eSATA cable included
  • NTI Shadow 4 with Ninja backup software
  • eSATA and USB 2.0 interface
  • Blazing fast 300MB/s eSATA port
  • PC & Mac compatible
  • Quiet fan-free design
  • Compact aluminum enclosure

NTI Shadow 4 with Ninja Features

  • Two Way Sync with multiple computers and drives
  • Ninja for USB drives adds customized public and private partitions, 256-bit encryption and password on a PC
  • Continuous data protection and scheduled backups
  • Capacity alert so you know when to add more space
  • Version control delivers multiple revisions of your files
  • Drag and Drop plus 1-Click Quick Restore
  • Improved user interface for even easier backup and file sharing
  • Graph layout of Source and Destination devices to quickly understand capacity

This hi tech gadget price is $99 and it is available at Buy.com.

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  1. If it will save on my light bill I am all for it.Thanks for the information.

  2. Thanks for this because s this will help to save energy reduction and environmental. atleast i follow this

  3. Now more and more people is concentrating on those products which will save energy as they are looking at the future with such options.

    May be producer know this very well and want to capitalise this one as well. Who knows ?

  4. This one is really attractive with a great touch. But 1 TB that is really huge one, I must say. I do not think that normal users like us can use whole space.

    But however this one is really looking beautiful.

  5. you can become a source through this post top save the energy..i will follow this

  6. Do you really think that in this world when people would love to shrink everything and want to use smaller world would like to see that bigger one.

    I would prefer if this one will have less size.

  7. Wow this one is really looking great and attractive I must say. But however people always buy more space and they are not able to occupy even half of that.

    But as there is very less money difference and hence they opt for bigger one.

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