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FastRack Gadget

FastRack is a rack that is made of plastic and is used to hold beer bottles that are empty in an upside down position.


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For home brewers FastRack gives the latest way that belongs to home brewers to collect and keep the empty bottles dry. This kind of rack offers a swift and cleaner option for the beer bottle tree.

FastRack is also replacing the dreaded beer bottle tree for the 1.2 million homebrewers in North America (people who make beer at home). To supply this market, which is forecasted to double by 2016, there will be 50 homebrew retail stores selling FastRack by the end of March.

When it comes to a place like a Bar or a Hotel and Restaurant, FastRack is the newest kind of track that is decent and very appealing for bartending as well as serving the customers. Be among the ones to join the already FastRack certified and counted together past the recent 100s number of bars just like Denmark and Spain as well as Portugal. A great number is also planned for Canada and USA.

FastRack has become the industry standard for bars & hotels who serve bottled beer. One example is Jack Astor’s with 80% of their locations using FastRack.

If you are a Home Bar enthusiast and you hate the process of cleaning the empty bottles just after the end of the party, we have the solution for you. Take a little time and try this latest kind of rack called the FastRack and believe me you will never regret it forever. It dries the smelly bottles with efficient cleaning that has been witnessed by a number of bars.

To use this kind of rack is simple. You begin by inserting the bottles into the FastRack and then drain into the FastRack tray. After doing that, you now follow by inserting an empty beer box over the bottles and all will be flipped over. This is a process that does not confuse anyone and can be easily implemented by anybody. It takes just not more than 15 seconds to insert 24 bottles in a FastRack then begin flipping it to the box.

Therefore FastRack is becoming the only option for bars and hotel industry that serve their customers with bottle beers. Its patents including the trademark lie within the North America. It should protect FastRack worldwide. There is plans to send samples to various countries like brazil and Iceland as well as UK.

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