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Film Projector

Film Projector

Giant Plasma and LCD screens are a great way to watch movies, but boy are they expensive. Well this brilliant little Alien Tech LCD Video Projector will turn any blank wall into your very own home cinema. Whether you’re watching movies, TV or playing games big style, this great gizmo, complete with its own inbuilt amp and speaker system, will project all the action onto your walls. Delivering a six foot diagonal image at its optimum projection distance of 80 inches, it’s also truly portable (weighing only 1.5kgs) so you can easily move it from room to room. Listen to the action through the speakers and it even has a vertical stand, so you can lie on your back and watch the action on the ceiling. It comes with focus, brightness and contrast controls and is suitable for use with DVD Players, TVs, PCs, Nintendo, Playstation, X-Box, iPods and Digital Cameras. Bring the big screen home, and move it from room to room on a whim!

You can have this for £149.00 – Approx USD $268.2 / €220.52

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