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Finger Swipe Headphones? Whatever Next?

In the Beginning…

Headphones have been in existence for over a century. These initial designs were heavy and consisted mainly of of iron components. This resulted in a product that was clunky and delivered less than sub par audio quality. Original clientèle for the crude early headphones were the US military who would use the devices for radio transmissions.

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Fast forward a forward a few decades and the headphone gadget had come a long way. Sound quality improved immensely and comfort was also upped several notches. Designers were still not completely satisfied, because these wired headphones tied the user to within a few feet of the audio source.

Enter the Wireless

Wireless (or cordless)  headphones first entered the market a few decades ago. The technology allows for wire-free utilisation of a headphone gadget. Wireless headphones work by receiving radio or infra-red signals via links such as FM, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The appeal of wireless or cordless technology is immense. It’s convenient and more comfortable for the end user. However, until recently owners of wireless headphones were still tied to the audio source – mobile phone, stereo unit or radio. If they wanted to adjust volume levels or change stations, they had to go to the source. Even if the wireless unit had embedded buttons, they were fiddly and a bit of a nuisance to get to grips with.

It’s as Easy as One Swipe

Enter the new Finger Swipe Headphone by Hammacher. This brand new technology solved the problems associated with old wireless headphones. Through touch, users are able to perform many of the tasks that necessitated pressing several buttons on previous cordless headphones.

This advanced swipe technology mimics the action that many smartphone users are familiar with. Therefore the adaptation time and learning curve for the Finger Swipe Headphone is short.

Slipping and Sliding

Controlling headphone functions such as, forwarding, rewinding, volume level, stop or pausing tracks and rewinding a song are all controlled with a slip of the fingertip. It’s just as simple to control incoming phone calls – pick up or forward that unwanted caller to voicemail with the ease of one swipe.

Gone are the days of fussing and fiddling with buttons to get to the right track or pick up that all-important call. This unique gadget puts an end to those problems.

Sweeping Specifications

The Hammacher Finger Swipe Headphone has an enormous frequency response range of 20 HZ to 2 Khz. The 40 mm drivers deliver sound quality that is both crisp and crystal clear. This particular model uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a sound source, which makes it a perfect fit for the majority of audio gadgets on the market.

Another neat feature is the folding function. The headphones easily fold up to fit into a hard case that comes with the product. Add to that a battery life of up to ten hours and you have a headphone that can go anywhere and at any time. It also only takes one hour to fully charge via a USB cable. So you can listen to music on a laptop whilst charging your set via USB. How cool is that?

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