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Five Best Luxury Travel Gadgets for Upscale Vacations

Traveling, flying in particular, can sometimes be stressful and boring or make people feel like farm animals being herded from terminal to tarmac without any dignity. It does not have to feel this way, however. Bringing certain little luxuries along with you on your trip can make the whole ordeal seem much more bearable and it can enhance your vacation experience. That little extra bit of fabulousness waiting in your suitcase has the power to cheer you up and keep you entertained and healthy, long after you return home from your trip. Read on to discover the top five luxury travel gadgets that’ll amp up your travel experience.

1. iPad


If you are not aware by now, the iPad is the highest-quality tablet on the market, and you can customize everything on it to ensure it’ll keep you entertained. Apple products in general have a more glamorous cachet than other mobile devices, but they aren’t all just good looks. With an iPad, you have everything you need at your fingertips and can do just about anything, whether that be reading business emails, playing games from the iTunes App Store, listening to music, or perusing a book.

2. Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones


You’ll want to equip yourself with these headphones, particularly if you plan on using your iPad or you are a frequent air traveler. Not only do these headphones provide excellent sound quality, but they also block out ambient noise better than almost any other headphones on the market. You’ll definitely need these if you plan on watching movies or listening to music on your iPad.

3. Panasonic Lumix


When you’re traveling or taking a vacation, particularly with family, the first thing you’ll want to bring is a camera, so make sure it is a good one like the Lumix. You don’t want to sacrifice picture quality and memories, but you also probably don’t want to lug around a heavy SLR and all its associated lenses. The Lumix is a great choice because it has all the same features as those larger cameras condensed into a sleek little package. The 12x zoom guarantees that you’ll never miss a detail, either.

4. TUMI Travel Fitness Trainer


Even if you’re going on vacation, you know how critical it is to maintain a fitness routine. This travel trainer will help you do just that. This smooth little device clips onto your clothing or sits in your pocket and is equipped with a pedometer, stopwatch, heart rate monitor, radio, and 4 gigabytes worth of mp3 storage. It’ll help you keep track of your fitness goals even if you can’t make it to a gym on your trip, and it’ll encourage you to keep up your routine.

5. Hydro-Photon SteriPEN


This is absolutely a practical luxury that will serve you well in other areas of your life as well, but can particularly help you when traveling. Essentially, this device looks like a tiny lightsaber and is a handheld water purifier that you stick into a drink and turn on. In less than a minute, it uses light to kill over 99% of any bacteria that might be present in your beverage. It doesn’t make drinks taste funny and can be hand-cranked, solar-powered, or recharged with a USB for ultimate convenience. This is perfect for camping, but also great on airplanes or in airports where there are large concentrations of germs and your seatmate might accidentally cough into your drink.

The market is filled with other fancy gifts so use this list as a good starter point. Great vacation deserves a great gift.

Author Bio: Michael Clark wrote this awesome article. He travels from Paragon Airways at most of his visits to different destinations. He usually travels in research of his articles.

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