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Five Fun Jobs That Every Technology Expert Should Consider

A passion for technology is one of the most marketable skills that you can possess. Unlike many fields, the number of potential career paths a technology expert must sift through is staggering. This list contains five jobs that stand out as some of the most rewarding and enjoyable to help you get started choosing your own specialty.

5 Fun Jobs That Every Technology Expert Should Consider

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If you looked to the stars as a child and dreamt of blasting off into outer space, then realizing you have a knack for tech could lead you in that direction. While becoming an astronaut also requires a certain level of physical fitness and experience as a pilot, the ability to work well with some of the latest and most sophisticated technology in the world is definitely a key component to this profession.

Special Effects Artist

Using the latest 3D modeling software, groups of talented people come together to create the stunning visual effects that we see in movies today. With just a touch of artistic talent, you can put your love of technology to work as a member of one of those teams. As a special effects artist you get the chance to not only work with computers daily, but also the opportunity to be a part of something millions of people will see.

Game Tester

Perhaps the idea of playing video games for money piques your interest. If you’ve ever experienced the perfect game moment only to have it ruined by awkward movement or some unsightly glitch and thought to yourself, “If only they had caught this…,” then you might consider testing games yourself to ensure that the final product is flawless. The desire to play through multiple genres and the patience to painstakingly record every mistake added to the ability to keep up with all the latest and greatest gaming platforms will be your greatest asset when trying to enter into this career path.

Radiologic Technician

Many colleges offer online courses to help you become a manager overseeing the proper use of radiology equipment in the health field. Each day you get the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life while also using your abilities to ensure that others understand the proper use of high-tech equipment. Consider a bachelor’s in radiologic technology to get rewarding careers in this exciting field.

SEO Specialist/Web Developer

As an SEO expert or web developer, you can work almost anywhere you want, even from home. More and more companies are looking for professionals to improve their websites and search rankings. It is in high demand, and one that is always changing, making a job in this field different every day.

These are only five of the amazing opportunities that are out there for those wanting to pursue a career in technology. Regardless of your chosen path, technology will only continue to become more prevalent and complex in years to come, so whatever skills you possess will be in greater demand as time moves on.

By Anita Ginsburg



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