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Five Pieces of Technology That Permanently Changed The Way We Do Business

There are a number of things that have changed the way that business is done. Over the last several decades many inventions have been realized which will forever change the way that people do business. The invention and subsequent mass production of the computer, the fax machine, cell phones and the webcam have forever altered the principles of business. In addition, the use of the Internet has completely transformed the way that Big Data is sent and received, thus allowing businesses both large and small to benefit from these advancements in technology.

Five Pieces of Technology That Permanently Changed The Way We Do Business

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It is impossible to imagine what it would be like to do business today without the use of a computer. This invention transformed the way that business was conducted as individuals were able to store increasingly large amounts of data and complete projects in a shorter period of time. In addition, the invention of the Internet further increased the usefulness of the computer by allowing business professionals to send and receive information in the form of e-mail across immeasurable distances in a matter of seconds. This has drastically increased the speed at which business can be accomplished. Furthermore, the use of the webcam allows business professionals on different continents to hold business meetings in real time by utilizing a webcam and the Internet simultaneously. This allows people who are at opposite ends of the world to conduct business with each other and opens up opportunities to individuals that were never before possible.

To a lesser extent, the fax machine has transformed the way that business is done. Before the Internet and the webcam became popular, the fax machine was one of the primary means of communication over long distances because information could be sent and received in a matter of minutes. Although it is used less frequently than it was in the past, the fax machine remains an important asset in the business world as certain documents must be sent in the form of a hard copy rather than e-mail. In such instances the fax machine serves a vital purpose for getting that information from one location to another quickly and effectively.

Finally, imagine trying to do business in the modern world without a smartphone. The cell phone has transformed the way that business is done because it has transformed the way that individuals live their lives, both personally and professionally. Specifically, a smartphone has the capability to do many of the same tasks that a good computer can do. Therefore, it has become an essential piece of conducting business away from the office.

In order to transmit Big Data (infographic) quickly and accurately it is imperative that offices utilize these inventions. As technology continues to increase there is no doubt that business practices will continue to transform as the technology allows.

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