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Five Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Every homeowner knows how much work it takes to keep a house in order and maintain the functionality of everything that is being used in it on a daily basis. Plumbing, electricity, furniture, doors and windows, you name it. In order not to call a professional every time you need even the smallest malfunctions fixed, it would be smart to invest in buying at least the most necessary tools required to do these small, everyday fixes yourself. Therefore, we prepared a list of five essential tools you as a responsible homeowner should absolutely have. Narrowing the selection to only five tools was not an easy thing to do. However, we strongly believe that you will be able to cover the vast majority of things that you can repair on your own.


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Universal Screwdriver

This type of screwdriver has a handle and a set of interchangeable tips. The handle should be of palm size and should rest firmly in your hand, while the set of tips should be stainless steel for durability and magnetized for easier use. It should contain all the possible shapes usually used around the house, such as a Philips or X shape tip, a flathead tip and a hex key shape. Naturally, all of them in various dimensions, at least small, middle and large, to cover all types of screws used in housing.


Basically, screws and nails are what we deal in the house regularly and every now and then you will have to mend one. For example, to put a nail in the wall for a new painting you want to hang, or take one out and make room for a bigger work of art to be displayed. For this, and many other uses, you should own at least one hammer, preferably of medium head size for universal use. Also, pick ones with a round face for more precise nailing and a medium sized straight claw for nail removal. A rubber handle hammers would be a good choice to make it easier and more comfortable for your hands since rubber reduces impact pressure and stops slipping.


Another multi practice tool that comes in various shapes and sizes for different purposes. If you have to pick only one, medium size lineman’s pliers would be most universal and can cover most of the tasks. Make sure they have hard rubber handles for convenience and safety, if you do any electrical wire repairs.

Adjustable Wrench

To deal with all kinds of nuts and bolts, especially the plumbing ones, you need a wrench. Since they come in various dimensions, an adjustable wrench is the way to go. A stainless steel one, due to frequent use in bathroom and kitchen wet areas.

Power Drill

There are so many tools you can get online, but a power drill is probably the single most important powered tool you should have because you will often need to to drill holes, either in furniture or walls, as well as in the yard and garage. A cordless one is a nice option since it provides bigger work autonomy.

So there you go, five most essential tools for every half-serious homeowner. Hopefully our advice will help you narrow your choice. Pick the one to suit your needs and enjoy your work. No matter the situation, having a rudimentary toolbox will certainly help you out in performing your tasks.

By John Stone

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