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Flesh Eating Zombie Play Set

Flesh Eating Zombie Play Set

You can have this for £14.95 – Approx USD $26.91 / €22.13

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  1. Phil from I'm no electrician

    Thats great. My son would love them. In fact I would love them, haha

  2. Paul the Cab Driver

    Am I the only one who wonders if the engineers who design things like these regret having spent four long hard years at MIT just to get a job at a toy factory designing crap like this?I mean, can you even begin to imagine the conversation that engineer is going to have with his Mom and Dad over Christmas dinner? “So son, what are you doing with that degree we spent $100,000 on? designing new ways to solve the energy crisis? An artificial liver? A newer, lighter dishwasher?” “No, Mom, I am designing killer zombie figurines.” Says Dad: “Good Gawd. I told you he takes after your side of the family!”

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