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Flying Animals

Flying Animals

Where evolution failed, we have succeeded, whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen. Pigs, primates and chickens have never been known for their flying prowess – much to the embarrassment of chickens especially, all that effort to grow wings only to spend your life in a constant state of disappointment, it’s heart breaking. Well help is at hand, call them obscure evolutionary hiccups, or call them what they are, very stupid – whatever you call them, the Flying Monkey, Pig and Rooster have been sailing around the office in a thoroughly un-land-dwelling way. Their arms (or head in the case of the Rooster) conceal super-elastic bands, you simply insert your fingers into little pouches on their hands (or head), pull back their legs, and catapult them across huge distances. As they fly you’ll hear a screech of glee from the Monkey, a cock-a-doodle-doo from the Rooster, and a squeal of delight from the pig. Next time someone poo poos your brilliant idea with a ‘Pigs might Fly’ comment, you can prove that they do by catapulting this ballistic Babe across the room, give the Rooster his first chance at flight, and if someone is in need of some super-hero assistance then you can fire the be-caped primate to their rescue. There is of course nothing sane about any of these aerial animals, but that’s the point.

You can have this for £4.95 – approx USD $8.91 / €7.33

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  1. What a stuffed toy. Its pretty cool !

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