FoneStand Review

I had the opportunity of reviewing a simple and useful gadget called FoneStand.


FoneStand is a useful accessory for a smart phone owner because it is a hands free. So you simply put your smartphone on it and your hands are free.

This gadget can be use for music, texting and email, movies and clock as you can see in the video.


FoneStand main features:

  • enjoy hands-free use of your smartphone
  • grippy feet and pad will hold your phone in place while texting or emailing.
  • wxcellent viewing angle – Portrait or Landscape

FoneStand compatibility

FoneStand works with these phones:

  • Apple – iPhone,3G,3GS, 4 & iPod Touch
  • Motorola – Atrix, Droid X
  • HTC – Incredible, Inspire, Sensation
  • Samsung – Captivate, Focus, Galaxy
  • LG – G2X, Optimus T, Phoenix

FoneStand review

FoneStand it’s not a complex gadget. All I had to do was to place my phone on it and my hands were free. A useful gadget for the smartphone owner.

Pricing and availability

This gadget it not expensive. It cost only $10.99 and it is available on

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