Four E-commerce Sites That Changed Direct Sales

Throughout most of the internet’s history, shopping for your favourite brands required that you purchase the item through a reseller rather than the manufacturer directly. In many cases, this was a relic of the times in which large-scale manufacturers and developers of goods were not logistically setup to handle orders from the average Joe. Thankfully, efficiencies in payment processing, internet navigation and logistics have allowed even the biggest brands to offer their products and services to anyone and everyone. Here are four of those examples – big names in their industries that have shifted from a storefront/reseller-only model to one that allows customers to make smart choices and purchases straight from their desktops.



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It used to be that Intel was just an afterthought: you might be aware of their existence and want to purchase an electronic device with the best processor that was offered, but by and large, the purchases of Intel equipment was considered to be very much secondary in comparison to selecting a particular product. These days, Intel has developed a sophisticated marketplace on their website that allows customers to compare products, browse different categories and ultimately make a purchase from a trustworthy affiliate. With simple, straightforward analyses of each product, you can get an understanding and specifications without having to bounce between various websites – all the while knowing that the retailers are, in fact, top-tier vendors.



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Much like Intel, many Microsoft products were once scattered to the wind, requiring consumers for the most part to purchase select items from a reseller or third-party. Several years ago, Microsoft began to understand the importance of offering genuine products directly from the source, and the Microsoft Store was born. Through this interface, you can compare products, purchase various forms of hardware and software, and enjoy free shipping or digital delivery on most products. Rather than paying a premium for a store to sell Microsoft products, many consumers are relying on Microsoft itself these days for their computing needs.



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Over the past decade, Adidas saw a decline in its worldwide sales and sought to regain market share by whatever means necessary. Recently, the athletic giant deployed its own online storefront to help athletes and consumers access their products without requiring a local vendor. With large full-colour pictures, detailed specifications and up-front pricing, Adidas has flourished as of late. On top of that, Adidas’ easy-to-use navigation makes it quite appealing for those who might not otherwise shop online to take advantage of direct deals from this household name.


A pioneer in the electronic cigarette industry, Vapor4Life began as a small operation out of the garage of its founder. It was confined to a local presence before its development of an online storefront, allowing it to market its products worldwide. Since the development of the Vapor4Life e-commerce site, it has gained a choke-hold over the electronic cigarette market and is reported now to be the largest distributor of such products in the United States. Clear product descriptions, large photos, advanced search options and easy checkout have helped Vapor4Life exponentially increase its revenue each year for the past 4 years.

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