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Four Steps to Get a Fiber Optic Internet Connection for Your Home

Getting a fiber optic internet connection for your home is easily done, and once this is accomplished, you will enjoy faster speeds on the Internet than ever before. In addition, this is done with large amounts of data. Keep in mind that fiber optic services are not only for surfing the web, but you will be able to enjoy movies and other digital programming streamlined without glitches or other disruptions due to transmission issues. Fiber optics gives you greater bandwidth than in other Internet connection available.


Find out if fiber optics is available in your area

This is easily done. You simply contact your local fiber optics provider in your area and ask if it is available in your location. It is most common to have your local phone company provide this service. The fiber cable is strung on phone lines and is delivered to your house the same way your landline phone service is delivered.

Choose the package you want

Your fiber optics provider will have a variety of packages to choose from. Often there will be phone service as well as television programming, so you will be able to bundle everything together and save money. Make sure you understand all of the options available to you. Some providers have services that others do not. After you decide what you want, you can make an appointment to have your fiber optic connection installed.

A technician will visit your home before installation

Not every installation is the same, so there will be a pre-installation inspection of your house and nearby fiber optic cables. A technician will need to determine the best way to connect the fiber optic cable to your house. In addition, there are a number of tests that need to be performed to make sure that the fiber optic lines are working fine and ready to connect to your home.

Having your fiber optic Internet installed

A few days after your pre-installation will be the installation. This takes more time than you probably have experienced with DSL or a cable company’s Internet installation, but the reason for this is the speeds are so high that sloppy work can degrade the transmission signals. You will also need to decide where to place the optical network terminal will be placed. The final step is to connect your router or modem to the network terminal.
The fiber optic technology is being implemented by AT&T and is known as U-verse. U-verse coverage in California is now available from 18 service providers.

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