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Freeloader Battery Charger is the smallest, lightest battery charger gadget in the world

You can recharge all your AA and AAA NiMH and NiCd rechargeable batteries via this travel gadget with the smallest and lightest USB battery charger in the world: the Freeloader Battery Charger.

Freeloader Battery Charger

Freeloader Battery Charger Features

  • Recharge batteries via any USB port
  • Smallest and lightest battery charger in the world
  • Recharges all NiMH and NiCd AA and AAA batteries
  • LED charging and battery power indicators
  • Tough, rubberised casing
  • Recharges batteries in 3-4 hours via USB
  • Team up with the Freeloader Solar Battery and charge batteries in 1-2 hours (cable provided)
  • Charge AA or AAA batteries either from Freeloader or from your PC’s USB port
  • Dimensions (H)20cm x (L)13cm x (D)5cm
  • Weight 109g

Freeloader Battery Charger cost £12.95 and it is available at Gizoo.

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  1. lorraine anderson says:

    oooh… this is such a cool gadget. How much do these sell for?

  2. Usefull gadget.

  3. £12.95

  4. Very nice USB battery charger.

  5. I have a sony BCG-34HUE, charges AA & AAA. Charges four 2500mAH batteries in 20 minutes. Cost me 2.2k. Very very useful.

  6. Awesome solar battery charger! Really one of the best gadgets!

  7. That’s really cheap, small and durable. That’s a great product if I’m traveling with camera. Awesome review and details about the product. Thanks.

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