Fridge Magnet Photo Frame

My wife adores magnets . We have 40 fridge magnets so far and her collection is growing every year, so I’m thinking it will be a good idea to get her the Fridge Magnet Photo Frame.

Fridge Magnet Photo Frame

The idea behind Fridge Magnet Photo Frame is simple: photos and magnets are very popular and almost everyone use them, so it it was the bright idea to combine the two.

Your fridge will not be restricted to just a few photos as this mini digi-frame can store up to 66 of them and scroll through them at whatever speed you desire between 5 and 80 seconds.

The Fridge Magnet Photo Frame has 32MB of internal memory, supports JPG, GIF and BMP images, has both automatic and manual image change modes, and will scroll away happily through your photos for up to 11 hours from a single charge.

Fridge Magnet Photo Frame features:

  • A digi-photo frame for your fridge.
  • The frame has a magnetic back to affix to your fridge or other metal surface.
  • The frame has a 32MB internal memory (can store 66 photos).
  • Photos are displayed in 320×240 resolution.
  • Software is included for uploading your own pics onto the frame.
  • Choose to view your photos manually or in an auto slideshow.
  • Slideshow timings between photos are adjustable from 5 secs up to 1 minute 20 seconds.
  • It supports JPG, BMP and GIF file formats.
  • It charges via USB (cable included) and has an 11 hour display time from a full charge.
  • The frame has a pop out stand should you choose to have it free standing.
  • The software provided with the frame requires Windows XP.

The Fridge Magnet Photo Frame cost just ÂŁ19.99 and you can find it at

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  1. That is pretty neat. I have something very similar to that. Its a digital photo album that goes into your wallet, very slim and can hold up to 100 pix. Thanks for the post.

  2. certainly is a nice idea, but to animate a little kitchen and will make a space more personal

  3. Thats a really good idea, I have never been a fan on the standard type of digital picture frame. but having it stuck on the fridge makes sense as that is where you stick odd pictures and things. great.

  4. Very pretty!

    Good blog. (Greetings from Spain)

  5. These little photo fride magnets are a great idea. They would certainly brighten up a fridge door with memorable pictures and moments!:-)

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    Heeeeeey, it is so cute! I have never seen such a thing!

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    This will trully complete the good home design. Very stylish and original accessory.

  8. I can not stop being surprised how developed the modern technique is! To my mind, it is a great idea! It seems to be so simple but at the same time it is very interesting. Besides there are a lot of fans of fridge magnets and I am sure that they will like this idea. It is very fresh, modern and interesting. I think than many yang people will want to have such a frame. It is really cool!

  9. That’s a nifty little thing. We’re getting a digital frame for a birthday here, but I think I prefer the larger variety that attracts the eye more.

  10. This Photo frame really bring those small happiness which we really need and also makes one to smile.. even i too have a small photo frame which keep scrolling my adventurous snaps and which really makes me laugh when i am in a serious mood 🙂

  11. a great way to customize your kitchen! I like it!

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