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Funny gadget the talking toilet paper holder

The previous posts were seriosus. Now is time to have some fun.

It is a big gadget universe. The Talking Toilet Paper Holder was created.


Talking Toilet Paper Holder is designed to have fun in the bathroom.

You can record funny mesages like:

“Don’t forget to wash your hands!”

“Please remain seated during the performance.”

“This is a bathroom not a library!”

“Whoa! Somebody light a match… quick!”

“We can hear you all the way in the kitchen!”

The price for this gadget is $14.95 on Asseenontv.com.

You may see more unusual gadgets.

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  1. How practical is this? It would just scare me lol

  2. This is interesting! something new and different for the bathroom. My kids will love this

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