Funny new gadgets UBFunkeys

Want to be funky?

Here are the newest funkeys gadgets.


UBFunkeys look like highly collectable designer art toys, but these are not only collectable, they’re connectable. The UBFunkeys can be connected to a computer where they can explore Funkeytown, the virtual world where UBFunkeys live and play.

See the UBFunkeys models:

Normal UBFunkeys


Rare UBFunkeys


Very Rare UBFunkeys


You can get the from UBFunkeys Prices start at £4.95.

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  1. Dear Funky dude creater,

    i think funkeys are the coolest things on this earth!! I have told everyone about the funkys and they are going to buy tons of them. Anyways, Christmas is coming up and all i ask for is 5 funkys. They are the glub, stich, vroom, tiki and a very special one you think i would deserve and would like! Thank you so much. I would appreciate it if you cant send me those 5 funkys by trying to email me and getting my address.

    Thank you again,

    Tony :]

  2. dear funky dude, ubfunkeys rock i want them from,ajmall you dont know who he is

  3. Dear Funkeys,
    I think funkeys are fricking awsome

  4. u.b.funkeys ROCKS!! I HAVE 20 FUNKEYS NOW =^^=.

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