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Funny t shirts and items

I love the Internet era. All became customizable. It is easy to have fun and offer the right gifts to your friend and family.

This post is not about gadgets but is about having custom and fun t shirts. I have discovers a site where you can find cool and funny t shirts made after big brands like: Captain Morgan, Corona Extra, Guinness, Jack Daniel, XXX Tequila and many others.

Here are the items I liked:

  • Captain morgan t shirts


The classic Captain head logo in a beautiful gold foil print on a cute black tee. Material? 100% Cotton.

  • Captain Morgan Ready To Party DOF Glass Set


The Captain Morgan glass set you fire up any party. The Captain on one side with party checklist on the other.

The set contain 4 cool glasses.

  • Jack Daniels Straw Black Cowboy Hat


The Jack Daniels Cowboy Hat has embroidered logo on the front and a it will give you a bad cowboy look.

  • Jack Daniels t shirts


It has Jack Daniels logo with orange flame on the front and matching flame design on the sleeve.

  • Miller lite t shirts


This sexy t shirt has a a silver foil design of the original classic Miller Lite logo.

  • Miller Lite Jumbo Logo Bottle Opener Brown Cap


The cap features large Miller Lite logo on the front with metal bottle opener on the brim.

That are the items I like and I wanted to share with you. I hope you like them 🙂 .

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  1. I like the T-shirt which Jack Daniels logo. it is looking so cool and beautiful and this one is made for me.

  2. omg i just found some seriously sphinxter shirts. Uh, got corn anyone? its got a loaf of poo with corn nuggets in it, are htey serious? got turtlhead, Turdy Sanchez .. Dirty sanchez’s cousin?! omg http://digg.com/comedy/Funny_T_shirts_from_pooshirts_com if you are interested in any of their funny t-shirts lol or just email it to your friends for a laugh

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