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Gadget Gifts for this Christmas – 24 Mugs

Despair Pessimist’s Mug


Forget about cheery mugs bearing upbeat messages. Life sucks. So why not celebrate the fact with a gorgeous glass mug bearing the slogan ’This glass is now half-empty’. Harrumph!

Dunk Mug (Right & Left Handed)


Why balance your biccies on the edge of your mug or faff around with plates? Smart cookies pop them in the nifty compartment of this ingenious mug.

MyCuppa Mugs



Making tea or coffee for friends can be a haphazard business. So why not get it right every time with these smart mugs that feature colour matching charts on the inside. Simply match the brew to the selected colour.

Drink Selector Mug


How many times have you gone to do the coffee run with the best intentions and a memory full of ’black with one, white with two, etc’ and inevitably someone ends up with the wrong combination? With the Chunky Drink Selector Cream Mug worry no more. The Selector Mug ensures you get your cuppa, just the way you like it. Perfect for the office or at home when a brew is on and being made for several people. The moveable stainless steel rings allow you to select exactly what hot drink you want, avoiding any confusion.

Darth Vader & Yoda Thermal Mug

img23 img24

We think these are quite brilliant. We’ve all seen thermal mugs before but these seem the best implementation of the effect we’ve ever seen. With this Star Wars Darth Vader & Yoda Thermal Mug you really can feel the force. Simply pour hot liquid into the mug, and a vivid light saber beam lights up on the outside of the mug to bring the image to life.

Strip Mugs – Male & Female

img26 img25

Get that kettle on, fill up the mug and see the Hunks (Babes) strip. These all new strip mugs have gorgeous Hunks (Babes) in all kinds of positions just waiting to reveal all. A great fun gift!

Alcohol was invented mug


The drunker you get the nicer they look. You know its true and this mug just says " Alcohol was invented so that ugly people get laid"!

Bitch of the year Mug


Do you know anyone who deserves this award or are you a prime candidate. Well get this mug and let people know!

Da Vinci Code Mug – Mona Lisa & Vetruvian Man

img29 img30

Have you fallen under the spell of the Da Vinci Code. Well while you are reading the book..or pondering over the alternative theories..enjoy your tea or cofee from this official Da Vinci Code mug.

Hole in the head Mug


Women need men like a hole in the head! Especially for the independant women, this mug will really gets the message over that she is quite happy on her own!!!

I want Gossip Mug


Do you know a real gossip or are you partial to a bit of scandal yourself. Well this is the mug for you!

I’m with stupid mug


Make sure everyone knows who is the stupid one with this fun mug.

Jack Daniels Coffee Mug


A cool coffee mug for all Jack Daniels drinkers that need a coffee to sober up. A great gift idea.

Little Devils Mug


These little devils are up to all sorts on this mug. Give this to another little devil and see what happens!

Stress Relief Mug


It’s a stressful life and sometimes you just have to let go. This mug just about sums it up…Stress Relief..sometimes you just have to let your hair down and say F**K it!

I Love my computer mug


Who do you love..well at least your computer won’t cheat on you!

I work with a bunch of shitheads Mug


Work is shit..so are the people you work with usually…so tell it like it is!!

The voices made me do it Mug


It was the voices that made me do it…honest officer! Hey what are those men in white coats doing with that straight jacket??

Global Warming Mug


This topical mug really stirs up the debate on global warming.As you add a hot drink to the mug, the sea level gradually begins to rise, illustrating the effects that global warming will have on our planet’s coastlines.Thanks to the thermochromatic printing technology (that means the ink changes colour depending on its heat!) when the mug cools off, the coastlines of the earth return to pre-global warming levels in just a few minutes (if only it were that easy).

Chalk Mug


This ingenious coffee mug is glazed with a chalk board surface and comes with a piece of chalk. Great for love notes to your sweetie or salary requests to your boss…

Carabiner Mug


Possibly the coolest camping and trekking mug around!

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