Gadget Guru: Newest Tech Wonders of 2015

As time goes on, technology continues to progress to new achievements that only a few years ago, were thought impossible. This is certainly the case in 2015. Many new pieces of tech are being introduced that could change the way people live and play. Below is a list of a few such innovations.

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Automated Automobiles

One mainstay of 1950’s science fiction was the idea that someday cars would drive themselves. This possibility is now reality, and there is a high likelihood this technology could be implemented into consumer automobiles.

Companies that currently have different self-driven car features in different stages of development include Google, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, General Motors, Ford and more. Like the race from the recent past to develop hybrid and electric cars, this current trend is certain to produce multiple models available to the public that can indeed drive on their own under certain circumstances. Self-parking cars have already been made available to customers and are changing the way we get around. The dilemma of parallel parking will soon be a thing of the past.

Drones for Business

Currently, drones are famous for their military applications abroad. They are used to take out terrorist targets without risking American lives. However, like many things that were once developed strictly for military application, drones will soon find use in many different facets of civilian life.

One place where they will soon catch on big, is for use by farmers. In 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration will begin allowing permits for the use of drones to gather information on farmers’ fields to help them develop more effective crop rotation, disease management, and water management systems. Many companies, including Amazon, are looking into ways to implement drones into their business models. The day when packages are delivered by drones to remote locations could soon be upon us. Companies like Drone ETC have introduced the dji phantom 3 in online stores ready for consumers already!

4k Blu-Ray

Most people are used to high-definition video quality at this point. However, did you know HD isn’t close to the detail that can be seen by the human eye? The video quality standard that is higher than the level of detail that can be seen by human beings is known as 4k. 4k TVs have already been introduced onto the market, but until now, people have had little reason to purchase them. That is changing with the introduction of 4k Blu-ray players in 2015 from companies like Panasonic.

People’s lives are constantly being changed and improved by the introduction of new technology. That will certainly hold true in 2015 as new technological innovations are introduced to consumers.

By Brooke Chaplan

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