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Gadget review musical mouse pad

For this week I present a gadget review. Musical mouse pad

The mouse pad can play music from virtually any audio device in your house. You would say that many gadgets can do that but this one is able to do it wirelessly.

Your mouse pad gadget will playing your favorite song that is on TV now. This gadget can reproduce audio signals from your TV, any audio player, CD player, iPod, any other MP3 player. You will have pleasure listening to all this right at your computer desk.

The sound quality is not very good. The musical mouse pad gadget has only the ability to play just  mono sound.It has only one speaker and it is not even big.

The only advantage for this new gadget   is its mobility and ability to let you listen to the music wirelessly. The other feature that it has is the built in FM tuner so you will be able to listen to the radio at your workplace or your garage. The radio works without the transmitter so you can listen to it anywhere you want.

As a mouse pad is good and very cool, but not so great for listening music.

Because it is wireless it needs batteries to run.It needs three AAA batteries to work.

Mouse pad specification:
1) 4-port USB hub a) Fully compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification version 2.0 b) Single chip integrated USB hub controller with embedded proprietary processor c) Supports four bus-powered d) Driverless, hot plug and play e) USB 4 Port for varieties of external USB devices connection f) SD card can be inserted g) Driverless (P&P) for Windows XP, 2000, 98SE, Linux2.4 and Mac OS 8.5 version

2) Stereo speaker: a) USB Stereo Speaker Powered by USB or External Power supply b) Internal stereo drive and microphone built for internal charting c) Internet radio channel using d) Ear Phone, microphone output connection capability e) Suitable for CD player, MP3 and MP4

3) Mouse pad a) Black compact panel and smooth movement which suitable for all kinds of mechanical mouse and optical mouse use b) Flash blue light or seven colors light around the pad c) Cable length 1.5m for USB and Audio d) Dimensions (W x D x H): 248 x 213 x 18mm e) Allows matching outside power of DC5V/2,000mA 4) Positive logos: customized based on customs requirements

5) Side logos: item

6) Color: customized based.

This new gadget can be found at Sz-wholesale.com.

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