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Galaxy 7.7 Light Years Ahead of the Competition

In the last six months, Samsung has kicked out nearly a half dozen tablets onto the market. There has been a 10-inch behemoth, an 8.9-inch midrange device, a lithe 7-inch device and now, a 7.7-inch device that might be the best non-Apple tablet on the market. Who knows? It might even have Tim Cook sweating a bit.

The Samsung Galaxy 7.7 is especially notable because of its battery life. The device is advertised as having 10 hours of battery life while streaming video, but in after market tests the device has held on for 12 hours while streaming video and with Wi-Fi enabled. That is nearly an hour and a half longer than the iPad 2’s battery life and almost 3 times as long as the woeful Toshiba Thrive’s 4 hour and 42 minute lifespan. The 7.7 now holds the record for longest-lasting battery. And surprisingly, it isn’t really even a close contest.

Samsung Galaxy 7.7

Following the footsteps of  Samsung Galaxy S2, the next impressive point about this device is its display. It’s as if the engineers at Samsung somehow found a way to get a little more juice out of AMOLED display. The screen is super bright and has shamed each of the other Samsung tablets it has been pitted against. Other devices simply look dull by comparison.

The device is not without drawbacks, however. It’s operating system, Honeycomb 3.2, is not without flaws. The auto-rotate feature is occasionally a bit slow and some users have reported spotty Wi-Fi connectivity. These are easy to look past when you hear Samsung’s assurance that an update to Ice Cream Sandwich is in the works. Though let’s hope that the update goes over more smoothly on the Galaxy 7.7 than it did on the ASUS Transformer or the Nexus S.

At about $650, the 7.7 is a bit pricy. The huge price tag is not unwarranted though. If you’re looking to get one of the best — if not the best — tablets on the market, you should take a good hard look at the Samsung Galaxy 7.7.

Logan Braman is a guest blogger who writes about social media, mobile technology and HP coupons.

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