Get more from your promotional items

Promotional items can be a great way to advertise your business. I say “can be” because they are just marketing tools so it is up to you to use them the right way to get results.


You see to produce maximum effect you will have to be creative. Almost everyone who uses promo items is using the standard way: they just give away free stuff and hope for customers to come.

This is wrong. It will eat your marketing budget and will deliver poor results. You have to be smart and find a way to be different. I will give you some ideas and you can create more staring from there.

The Golden Rule: offer something  people want! Example: Don’t give a usb stick to someone who already has five.

You can use tradeshow giveaway items to make your business known. You can give away some free things if they are visiting your stand.

The simple way to get amazing results is to ask people if they need and want your products. You can offer on of the following 3 items:

all with your logo of curse.

And just ask people it choose one.

This works great because:

  1. It shows people you care. You aren’t just getting them a free product they never wanted; you offer them something they want for free.
  2. It creates a relationship with these people
  3. It creates the rarity factor. By giving just one of 3 products you say “Hey my promo products are valuable”

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