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Gift Baskets goodies

Gift Baskets for business and corporate are a great way to keep your biggest clients and partners happy. Also you can get a deduction from taxes if you use gift baskets as corporate gifts. To get the tax reduction be sure to read the Business Gift Tax Deductable guide.

The last trend in shopping is to spoil yourself with a gift basket or to offer one to someone you love.

There are many Corporate Gift Services to choose from.

Very appreciated are:

  • Spa Gift Baskets

From romantic occasions to wedding showers, this elegant gift set will make a welcome gift for any occasion.

Inside are luxurious bath slippers, a robe, eye mask, bath pillow and a countless number of bath and body treats.

  • Fruit Baskets

Everyone wants to be healthy so fruits are very desired.

The Organic Mixed Fruit and Nut Gift Box is overflowing with great naturally sweet and juicy fruits and rich and hardy nuts.

  • All Occasion Wine Basket

Wine Basket is a gorgeous wood magazine rack that holds a number of delicious wines and gourmet goodies that will please the most discriminating of gift recipients.

  • Thank You Cookie Gift Box

The box contains full size cookies and Mrs. Fields® famous nibblers.

  • Nautical Cookie Gift Box


Know someone who loves to spend their time at the ocean or boating? Then get their summer started out right with our new Mrs. Field’s® Nautical Cookie Gift Box.

This decorative gift box is filled with Mrs. Fields award winning baked goods that are sure to leave a lasting impression. After the goodies are all gone the recipient can keep their souvenirs from their summer travels inside the gift box.

So have the latest gadgets and a feast with a gift basket.

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  1. Wow! The gift baskets are very nice and I liked the Nautical Cookie Gift Box very much.The gift baskets are very stylishand more over the colors are cool.

  2. Where’s the “Gadget” basket? Why don’t we have a good gadget basket instead?

  3. The idea was to eat some cookies when playing with gadgets 🙂

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